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Current Sensing & Precision Resistance Alloys

Lebronze alloys offers an extensive range of current sensing alloys in a unique mix of forms: wire, flat wire, sheet and strip.

Controlled Resistance Alloys

Lebronze alloys also provides a wide range of Copper-Nickel alloys in strips for low voltage applications such as Circuit Breakers in industrial motors.

Magnetic Thermal Circuit Breakers use both magnetic and thermal protection effect. Thermal actuation is controlled by a bi-metallic blade, which can be helped by an heating element made from Copper-Nickel alloy. Our specific casting process enables controlled resistivity and very low dispersion of nominal electrical resistance, which are key properties for this application: nominal resistance determines opening or closing of circuit breaker, and dispersion influence circuit breaker resetting during manufacturing.

Our CuNi are also perfectly suited for contact blades in vacuum sealed circuit breakers: our manufacturing process allows us to achieve very good deep drawing properties.

Shunt resistors for electric motors

Lebronze alloys manufactures Copper-Manganese alloys with highly controlled resistivity and very low temperature dependency of resistivity, over a large range of temperature.

Our quality level even allows miniaturization for alloys with low resistivity grades and offers a very low electromotive force versus copper.

Those alloys are suitable for applications in demanding environments, for instance our Constantan alloys: they are commonly used in electrical shunts in Battery Management Systems such as in Automotive (wire-drawing to 0.5mm) and Building (wire-drawing to 0.3-1mm)

Available forms

Rolled products

Wires & Small Rods

Lebronze alloys materials for these applications

Alloy Name
Available forms
European Norms
Other norms
Constantan 45 CuNi44Mn1 - -

DIN 2.0842

Constantan 45 TCR CuNi44Mn1Fe - - -
Niclal® 02 CuNi2 - - -
Niclal® 05 CuNi5 - - -
Niclal® 06 CuNi6 - - -
Niclal® 06R CuNi6Mn - -

DIN 2.0807

Niclal® 08 CuNi8 - - -
Niclal® 08R CuNi8Mn - - -
Niclal® 10 CuNi10 - - -
Niclal® 13 CuNi13 - - -
Niclal® 15 CuNi15 - - -
Niclal® 23 CuNi23 - - -
Niclal® 28 CuMn6Sn2 - - -
Niclal® 29 CuMn7Sn2 - - -
Niclal® 43 CuMn12Ni4 - - -
Niclal® 43A CuMn12Ni | CuMn12Ni2 - - -
Niclal® 47 CuMn14Ni2 - - -
B98 CuNi1P