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Railway industry components

Railway industry components

Lebronze alloys is specialized in the railway industry for both infrastructure and rolling stock.

The high mechanical and electrical characteristics of copper-aluminium are used in many places such as console parts,support for carbon contacts, pantograph or electrical contacts. Copper-aluminium has proven an excellent resistance to vibration and shock whilst performing for decades in an outdoor environment. Copper Nickel Silicon is used where major mechanical resistance is needed while pure copper is used where the best conductivity is required. Finally, our steel forgings are used for bogies, couplings, suspension and transmission devices.


Fixed installations components

  • Connectors : electrical lugs (Cu), connection clamps bolted (CuAl), junction components (CuNiSi), connection plates (CuAl)
  • Catenary components: console parts (CuAl), dropper components: clamps, pliers, dropper eyes (CuAl), terminal anchors: for contact wire or cable (CuAl), junction sleeves: for contact wire or cable (CuAl), insulator components (CuAl)
  • Signalling: controller frames (CuAl), locks (CuAl)

Rolling stock components

  • Mechanism parts (CuAl), earth return current devices (CuAl), Couplings (Steel), transmission components (Steel), bogies components (Steel)

Lebronze alloys materials for these applications

Alloy Name
Available forms
European Norms
Other norms
NS5 CuNi3Si1 / CuNi2Si C18000 - C64700 CW111C DTD 498 - ASNA 3405 - NFL 14707
NS6 CuNi2SiCr C18000 - C64700 CW111C RWMA class 3: C18000
NS5 <20mm CuNi3Si1 / CuNi2Si C18000 - C64700 - -