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UC500 | CuCrZr | ASTM B624


UC500 is a wrought age hardening CuCrZr copper alloy which combines very high strength and high conductivity.
Patented and fully produced by Lebronze alloys, its manufacturing process includes casting, rolling, work hardening and precipitation hardening to achieve very high mechanical and physical properties.
It is available in wires and rods, from 1mm to 15mm diameter.


Mechanical and physical properties 

UC500 strength to conductivity ratio makes it an excellent material for high performance conductors in cable applications, including aerospace wire, but also in EDM wire and high-power connectors.
This non-magnetic alloy has an outstanding creep resistance and can sustain long time exposure at temperature up to 400°C. Those properties make it perfectly suitable for thermal and electrically conductive fasteners.
We can also provide this alloy in very fine wires: these small diameters, combined to high mechanical properties and strict amagnetism, make UC500 perfect for electromagnetic shielding in cables.

Processing advantages

UC500 wires are easy to redraw to fine wire (down to 0,05 mm) for various stranded constructions.
This alloy also exhibits excellent plating ability, high flex life and good corrosion resistance.
Its cold formability enables the production of high strength high conductivity fasteners and studs.

A recyclable and environment-friendly solution

UC500 alloy is beryllium-free, lead-free and cadmium-free, and compliant with latest REACH and RoHs regulations.
Lebronze alloys is committed to offer high-performance, durable and recyclable alloys and to reduce their environmental footprint throughout the whole components life cycle.

Available forms
UC500 CuCrZr


  • High strength & High Conductivity
  • High Flex Life
  • Excellent resistance in corrosive environments
  • Non magnetic
  • Operating temperature and use up to 400°C while maintaining key properties
  • Excellent plating ability