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Bars & Hollow Bars

Bars & Hollow bars
Bars & Hollow bars
Bars & Hollow bars

One of the largest portfolios of copper and wrought copper alloys in the world

Lebronze alloys offers a comprehensive range copper-based alloys in solid round bars and hollow bars: pure or low-alloyed Copper, Aluminum Bronzes, Copper-Nickel alloys, spinodally hardened Copper-Nickel-Tin alloys, Copper-Nickel-Silicium, Copper-Beryllium, special Brass and Bronzes, etc. 

To enable material and machining savings for our customers, we can offer materials in hollow bars, manufactured in-house from our casted alloys. Our process is fully integrated, from casting to hollow bar.

Our facilities operate a unique range of processes and treatments on our semi-finished bar products: 

  • Smelting, continuous and semi-continuous casting
  • Hot forming: bar extrusion and/or forging, bar hot rolling
  • Cold forming: cold working and drawing
  • Heat treatments: quenching, solution annealing, tempering, spinodal decomposition, ordered precipitation



Round bars (rods)

  • From 12 mm (1/4") up to 380 mm (14") OD, depending on alloys
  • Extruded bars, forged bars (generally for larger sizes)

Hollow Bars

  • Drilling & boring operations conducted in-house, starting from 60 mm (2") OD
  • Typical hollow bar length of 1m or 1,50m

Rings from hollow bars

Optimize your total costs! We offer to materials cut into rings to our clients, to ease handling, also enabling material costs and machinig time & cost savings. Contact us for ad-hoc pricings.

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