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Welding caps and welding materials: Powerode+® & Alrode®

CuCrZr & CuZr

Recognized experience and innovation

For over 50 years, Lebronze alloys has been an international reference in the Automotive industry for resistance welding products.

Being a major partner to almost all car builders involves important duties: not only manufacturing high-quality alloys and electrodes but also being a pioneer in innovation. This allied with a Research & Development program launched in partnership with specific automotive manufacturers led to the set up of a dedicated and exclusive patented manufacturing process for the electrodes.

Our solutions tailored to cover all your needs

The welding performance of our revolutionary electrodes offers improvements in comparison with the highest standards available within this sector.

An ideal range of welding products, from coated or uncoated AHSS Steel to Aluminum sheet welding.

CuZr electrodes. The market standard for copper-zirconium (C15000), chrome-free welding caps

• Powerode®, the universal electrode. The CuCrZr (C18150) market standard solution with high purity

• Powerode+®: the universal high-performance electrode. The premium solution (C18148) for welding of Steel sheets with very high purity

-A high level of electrical conductivity as well as hardness allows the widest range of resistance spot welding assemblies (multiple plate stacks, welding of advanced high strength steels, welding of thin plates).

-Constant and homogeneous characteristics associated with a fully integrated patented manufacturing process and an automated control certified ISO 9001 / AS/EN 9100 ensures a very high consistency of the welding behavior (reduced risks of expulsion and sticking, very high shape stability of the welded point limiting the rework before painting and allowing the reduction of the number of patching, very good aptitude for self-adaptive welding systems)

-A high resistance to softening, guaranteeing a very good service life and an alternative solution to dispersoids.

• Alrode®: the breakthrough welding solution for Aluminum and Steel. The premium innovative solution (C18147) for welding of steel and aluminum sheets with very high purity.

Depending on alloy grades, we also offer a comprehensive range of product forms for welding applications, from rods to square, hexagonal, flat bars, as well as plates, discs and rings.

Available forms
European Norms
Safety sheet
Alrode® Electrodes CuCrZr C18147 datasheet
Powerode® Electrodes CuCrZr C18150 datasheet
Powerode+® Electrodes CuCrZr C18148 datasheet
ZR16X Electrodes CuZr C15000 - EN 12163 - EN 12167 - EN 12420 - CW120C datasheet
Powerode® Material CuCrZr C18150 datasheet
Powerode+® Material CuCrZr C18148 datasheet
CB4 CuCo2Be C17500 ASTM B441 - ASTM B534 - ASTM B870 CW104C datasheet
NB4 CuNi2Be C17510 - EN 12163 - CW110C datasheet
NS5 CuNi3Si1 / CuNi2Si C18000 - C64700 - CW111C datasheet
NS6 CuNi2SiCr C18000 - C64700 - CW111C datasheet
CRM15 CuCr1 C18200 CW105C -
CRM16 CuCr1Zr C18150 - EN 12163 - EN 12165 - EN 12420 - EN 12167 - CW106C - CW105C datasheet
CRM16BHP CuCr1Zr C18150 -
CRM16E CuCr1Zr C18100 - C18150 - EN 12163 - EN 12165 - EN 12420 - EN 12167 - CW106C - CW105C datasheet
CRM16EP CuCr1Zr C18150 -
CRM16HP CuCr1Zr C18150 -

Lebronze alloys advantages

  • Integrated production process: from alloy smelting to finished and customized parts. Being the only integrated manufacturer, Lebronze alloys has an indisputable advantage: we manufacture our own alloys to produce electrodes. Our internal processes include casting, cold working stage, machining and non-destructive testing. Being fully integrated ensures reactivity and complete traceability.

  • A comprehensive range of electrode types and welding products in bars. Our catalog of ready-to-use electrodes covers all major international profiles. Specific designs are available on request. For welding accessories and/or for electrodes manufacturing, we offer a range of semi-finished products such as rods, plates, discs, rings, square, hexagonal and flat bars.  Download our brochure to know more! 

  • Lebronze alloys is a member of the RWMA and of the AWS.

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