Luxury & consumer goods

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Innovative and high-quality metals for everyday life

At Lebronze alloys we are passionnate about delivering quality and full satisfaction of end-users. Some of our materials are worldwide references in Luxury applications, for instance ARCAP® alloys in the Swiss watch industry.

For luxury customers, we can customize products and go beyond other industries' standards, as well as partner with R&D teams to innovate together.

Beyond luxury items, we offer a range of safe & reliable solutions used in buildings, public transportation, sports equipment, etc.


Eyewear / Spectacles industry

Copper-Nickel-Tin spinodal alloys Niclafor® 1000 exhibis outstanding mechanical properties: their high elasticity and formability allow light and durable designs, making them a material of reference in the eyewear and spectacles industry.
In addition to being highly reliable, Niclafor® can be colored into multiple designs.

Special nickel-silver for watches and various luxury items

ARCAP® alloys are a-magnetic and offer an exceptionnal machining quality. Along with a wide range of nickel-silver alloys, they are used in watches components and in numerous applications: jewelry, champagne buckets, tournament trophies, etc. 

Leaded brass and nickel-silver for writing instruments

Lebronze alloys is the world's leading supplier of pen tip alloys; we provide a wide variety of wrought copper alloys, such as leaded brass and nickel-silver. Our diverse range of products allow us to provide specific properties for different applications. Our alloys can be highly resistant, highly ductile, anticorrosion and even eco-friendly, depending on the needs of our clients.

Buildings with a higher hygiene: Steriall® architecture elements

The Steriall® antimicrobial solution, that we developped with health research partners, is a specific copper alloy combined with a unique know-how and a maintenance protocole. This can be applied to many common touch surface objects of everyday life, and we offer architectural elements such as door handles, handrails or handling bars. Steriall® is highly antibacterial and antiviral: visit the website to know more!


We manufacture hot-stamped parts for high pressure circuits, such as components for scuba-diving, we also provide materials and forgings for luxury boats.