Aeronautics & space

Aeronautics & space

For more than 50 years, Lebronze alloys has been the international reference for specialty copper alloys dedicated to the Aerospace industry. Nowadays, our Group has become a leading solution developer in 45 countries to all major aircrafts, helicopters, space launchers and satellites manufacturers.

LBA holds the largest number of approvals for copper alloys in Aeronautics & Space.

When it comes to civil or defense applications, to OEM’s or MRO’s, Lebronze alloys is providing a full range of high performance materials from semi-finished products to fully finished machined components used in equipment on all major platforms compliant with all international and national standards.




There are 100s of use cases of our products in an aircraft, be it for components facing mechanical wear and friction or temperatures variation or corrosion (bushings, bearing cages, actuators…), be it for free-cutting materials for high performance connectors, be it for cabling, and many more cases.

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Our products are used in helicopters, for example K7 in flap systems and bushings, and many of our free-machining alloys being used in numerous connectors.

Space launchers and satellites

Our products with high mechanical characteristics such as Hardiall® are used for high-reliability and light-weight parts in satellites, as well as our electronic shielding and high-quality alloys for electronics.