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Optical fiber connectors

Optic fiber connector
Aerospace optic fiber
Medical optic fiber

Lebronze alloys has created alloys perfectly suited for optic fiber connectors.

Excellent machining (free-cutting)

Lebronze alloys has developped ARCAP AP1D®, a complex nickel-silver alloy, perfectly suited for optic fiber connectors. Its surface properties make it one of the easiest alloys to machine into components on the market.


Rough environments

Corrosion resistance is a crucial requirement for applications in a marine environment. ARCAP AP1D exhibits great corrosion resistance and is therefore the best possible solution for optic fiber connectors in Oil & gas and Marine sectors.

Available forms

Rolled products

Lebronze alloys materials for these applications

Alloy Name
Available forms
ARCAP® AP1D Cu61Ni25Zn12Pb1