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Copper Beryllium alloys

CuBe, CuNiBe & CuCoBe products

CuBe bars
CuBe rings

Excellent mechanical properties. _Excellent conductivity.

Discover our range of Beryllium-reinforced Copper alloys.

  • Components durability and reliability
  • High performance for harsh environment applications
  • Be-free and Lead-free alternatives to match REACH and RoHS regulations

Due to their microstructure, Beryllium-reinforced Copper alloys offer excellent mechanical properties, even at low alloying levels, which allows them to also excel in conductivity properties.
However, the use of Beryllium is increasingly restricted because of health and environment concerns. Therefore Lebronze alloys also offers Be-free alternatives, for example Hardiall CuNiSn products for mechanical and toughness performance, and CuNiSi products for high thermal conductivity or high temperature resistance.

Alloy Name
Available forms
European Norms
Other norms
CB4 CuCo2Be


ASTM B441 - ASTM B534 - ASTM B870


NFA 82100 - DIN 17666 wn 2.1285 - DIN 17672- DIN 44759BS 2874 CC 112 - MIL 46087 - RWMA class 3 - SAE CA 184

NB4 CuNi2Be C17510 - EN 12163 - CW110C DIN 17666 wn 2.0850 - DIN 17672 - RWMA class 3