An established partner for Resistance Welding, Connectors, Current Sensing and many more applications in Automotive.

For over 50 years, Lebronze alloys has been an international reference in the Automotive industry for resistance welding products. Our group has always been committed to a process of continuous improvement. Together with a Research & Development programme in partnership with leading car OEMs, this approch led to the set up of a dedicated and exclusive patented manufacturing process for electrodes (resistance welding caps).

LBA is also a major player in specialty copper alloys for connectors, and offers a wide range of alloys and shapes for current sensing applications. Lebronze alloys can address US and Asian markets through its distribution network. Our R&D laboratory allows us to cast prototypes to adjust the chemical composition according to specified electric properties.



Resistance Welding

Our welding caps are used by almost all car makers which involves important duties: not only manufacturing high quality alloys and electrodes but also by being a pioneer in innovation.

Lebronze alloys manufactures and supplies male and female spot welding electrodes of various forms, from the smallest quantities of very specific spot welding caps to the largest volumes of cold formed electrodes. Being the only integrated manufacturer, Lebronze alloys has the indisputable advantage to manufacture its own alloys to produce welding caps whilst ensuring reactivity and complete traceability.

LBA works with many exclusive partner distributors to offer a full range of welding solutions around the world but also manufacture round bars, flat bars, plates, welding wheels, and any kind of engineered products.

Smart & connected cars

Niclafor® 1000 and Declafor® 1015 are spinodal Copper-Nickel-Tin alloys with high mechanical properties; being Beryllium-free and Lead-free, they offer eco-friendlier alternatives to Copper-Beryllium. They are mainly used in connectors and coaxial connectors for Automotive industry among others.

Our alloys Nickel 200, Nickel 201, Nickel 206, Nickel 206C are used in electric batteries and other innovative technologies for passenger cars.

Our range of CuNi and CuMn alloys are part an extensive range of current sensing alloys, and unique mix of forms (wire, flat wire, sheet and strip) offering high stability of dielectric resistance over large range of temperatures.

UC500 is a wrought, age hardening CuCrZr copper alloy well adapted for high strength and high conductivity requirement applications. It exhibits an optimal combination of key properties making it an ideal material for high performance conductors for single-core and multi-core cables. It is non-magnetic and easy to redraw to fine wire or various stranded constructions. In addition, UC500 is an environmentally friendly, lead, cadmium and beryllium free material.

Lebronze alloys offers high performance alloys for connectors. In this range we have exclusive alloys such as the C9X series:

  • C97®, a high performance machinable low-alloyed copper with nickel. The C97® alloy is well known for its exceptional performance in thermal stress relaxation and fatigue strength. C97® alloy is the perfect choice when both mechanical and electrical performance at high temperature are required.
  • C98®/C98®T are versions of C97® more suitable to cold forming operations.
  • C99®, a low alloyed machinable leaded copper that displays electrical conductivity close to pure copper as well as high machinability. C99® is mostly used for electrical male contact in electrical vehicles where high power is required.


Motors components

Our products are used within the automotive industry thanks to their outstanding physical and mechanical properties. Use cases include components for both Racing cars and fuel-efficient Touring cars: powertrain parts, valve seats, braking and steering systems, bearings and bushings, etc.

  • Hardiall® is a range of spinodal CuNi15Sn8 alloys (C72900) designed for high strength applications where toughness, wear, galling corrosion resistance are required.
  • Niclafor® 1000, another range of CuNiSn alloys with excellent mechanical and friction properties, used in high performance engines.
  • NS30 is a wrought CuNi7Si2Cr1 alloy, designed for applications requiring a combination of high thermal dissipation, high strength, resistance to shocks, and also corrosion resistance.
  • All these materials can be easily machined into complex components and are both lead and beryllium free.