Medical devices

Lebronze alloys has been supplying state-of-the-art materials for medical technology for many years. With a wide range of industrial know-how, we also produce semi-finished products and components for the healthcare sector.

Use cases of LBA products include: connectors for hospital equipment, fluid circuit components for respiratory assistance devices, MRI and scanner components used in radiography, tomography, urology and mammography, etc.

Buildings hygiene: the Covid pandemic19 (SARS-CoV-2) highlighted the risks of contamination that may exist in 21st century society. Aware of these issues, Lebronze alloys and its scientific partners have invested for 10 years to create Steriall®, a unique patented solution using an antimicrobial copper alloy.

Steriall® can be used to create interior architectural elements such as door handles, and can be applied to many surfaces that are frequently touched on a daily basis. Steriall® reduces the risk of contamination: this is proven by numerous scientific publications! For more information and access to the Steriall® e-shop, please visit:



Our low-alloyed coppers are highly resistant to thermal and mechanical stress: these properties are sought-after in the manufacture of electrical connector components for mobile medical devices. These resistances extend the service life of the connectors in question and thus of the device in which they are integrated. Our spinodal Niclafor® alloy also enables the manufacture of connectors with strong mechanical properties.

Our ARCAP® range has excellent mechanical properties as well as strict a-magnetism. These properties make ARCAP® an ideal material for MRI scanner components, but also for fiber optic connectors, which allow excellent data transmission and thus excellent performance of the medical devices involved.


We also offer advanced alloys, such as extremely pure copper, for superconductors in certain medical devices. Our metallurgical know-how enables us to offer these alloys both as wires and profiled wires.

Our Constantan 45 alloy also has applications in the manufacture of X-ray scanners: this alloy has an excellent vacuum tightness, which makes it possible to create a hermetic body in vacuum tubes, which are used in the beam generators of X-ray scanners. Our wide range of know-how allows us to control the entire production chain of these parts, from casting to forming: we can offer this part in forged or stamped form from strips, according to our customer's needs.

Finally, our mastery of stamping and forging copper alloys also enables us to offer highly reliable valve bodies and technical fittings (tightness, high pressure, extreme temperatures) for medical systems.