Energy & Power

wind turbine

Lebronze alloys is a solution provider for challenges met in energy & electricity generation, transmission or storage. It is in our nature, as we are Copper specialists: high conductivity and high reliability are key to energy applications!

The energy transition is ahead our societies, worldwide and for several decades to come and, as economists put it, "electrification" is one of the solutions toward a net-zero CO2 world!

We provide standard and customized materials, as well as designed blanks, forged or machined parts. We are active in co-developping innovative solutions, especially related to renewables, e-mobility and hydrogen technologies.


Power generation: renewables & nuclear

We provide materials and forged components in pure copper and special copper alloys for components such as rotor end rings, rotor bars, brakes, and high pressure circuit parts.

Transmission & distribution grids

Low voltage: we offer alloys in strips such as Siclanic CuNiSi materials used in relays and contactors. Also, our range of CuNi alloys (from CuNi2 to CuNi44), besides CuNiMn materials can be used in circuit breakers of elelctricity motors,

Medium voltage: our CuNi materials with high Nickel content can be used in vacuum circuit breakers. Besides we offer forged, machined and cast parts in pure Copper (CuETP) or copper alloys: contactors, shunts, terminals, etc.

Hydrogen storage & transportation

Lebronze alloys is active in developping materials and components for hydrogen applications. Due to our experience in high pressure, high reliabillity components for gaz & fluid applications, we bring solutions for several steps of the hydrogen chain, including storage in cars, trucks and other vehicles.