Lebronze alloys' prime commitment

Our ambition: to excel in every job, every day

The implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement of our performance are the very essence of our quality approach. We cater to diverse industrial applications, the expectations of which are often higher than the highest quality standards. Our processes, systems, and policies are therefore constantly being redesigned to enable all of our entities to achieve excellent levels of efficiency, reliability, and safety in four priority areas:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Supplier relations
  • Environmental performance and the safety of our employees
  • Quality of our products

Customer satisfaction as a guarantee of quality

In the age of Industry v. 4.0, customer relationships continue to migrate from a transactional approach to a customer-centric approach. Committed as we are to a proactive approach, we listen to our customers to anticipate their needs and offer them an optimal and personalized purchasing path. Whether it is technical assistance when developing an alloy variant or support in the implementation of a solution, customer satisfaction always lies at the heart of our concerns.

That's why we conduct-satisfaction surveys every year, covering all our sites. The results allow us to consolidate our customer knowledge and take both preventive actions and remedial measures.

Trusted partners for an optimized value offer

At Lebronze alloys, we consider our industrial partners to be key players in our commercial relations. We involve them and support them in meeting common requirements.

Regular evaluations of our suppliers reveal essential information about the potential to improve our collaborations. Communication, relations with the Group, customer service, product compliance and meeting deadlines: all are criteria to which we pay attention and in which we are involved.

Quality of our products

Integrated quality culture

Quality is an essential skill that affects all employees of the Lebronze alloys Group. It is the foundation of our operation and of our aspirations. That is why we implement Group-wide procedures and objectives, so that the level of experience at all our sites remains constantly high.

Our quality approach operates at all levels and in all departments within the Company while interacting with our international sites to function as an integrated whole.

Indeed, the qualification of our employees worldwide is our starting point to guarantee a dynamic and efficient quality-management system.

Lebronze alloys - quality

Environmental performance and the safety of our employees

We are aware of the environmental constraints associated with our industrial activities and energy-intensive processes, which is why we are committed to preserving resources, reducing our impact on the environment, and promoting the recycling of copper alloys. Some of our production sites are ISO 14001- and 50001-certified. Ensuring the safety of our employees at their workplaces remains our priority.

Quality of our products

From the formulation of an alloy to the finish of a part, we ensure the compliance of our products through controlled processes and specific controls if necessary. Our testing means are:

Metallurgical tests

  • Traction
  • Resilience
  • Micrography (corrosion, grain size)
  • Product analysis
  • Macrography
  • Hardness
Measuring the level of satisfaction out of 22 partners in 2019

Non-destructive tests

  • Magnetic particle inspection (MPI) bench
  • Solenoid MPI
  • Ultrasonic contact testing
  • Liquid penetrant inspection (colored and fluorescent)
  • Electrical conductivity control
  • 3D inspection

Means of metrological inspection, geometries and surface

  • 3D contact inspection machine
  • Global DEA
  • 3D contactless inspection machine
  • Profile projectors
  • Roughometers
  • Set of measuring instruments (columns and accessories…)

Our certificates

ISO 9001 Bornel

ISO 9001 Breteuil

ISO 14001 Breteuil

EN 9100 Suippes

ISO 9001 Suippes

ISO 50001 Lüdenscheid


ISO 9001 Poland

ISO 14001 Poland

ISO 14001 Suippes


ISO 50001 Suippes

Nadcap Suippes