We are proud to announce our new partnership with Artweld in the Czech Republic and Slovakia for the exclusivity of distribution of our welding caps to automotive manufacturers and tier 1.
Artweld is a specialized trading company that focuses on selling welding equipment, industrial gasses, and related products. The company’s offer includes 24 product categories and over 40.000+ items to choose from. Thanks to a deep knowledge of welding processes and welding equipment, Artweld is able to recommend the best solutions for customers and their needs. Artweld also designs and manufactures welding jigs and control fixtures for automated welding. In addition, the company operates 2 welding schools that provide training and development to the local welder community. Artweld’s customers come from various fields of industry (e.g. automotive, maintenance, glassworks etc.) and they appreciate the company’s professional approach and attention to detail.

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