The MAA represents one of the largest Aerospace clusters in the world and supports over 270 companies from across the Aerospace industry.

It is home to nearly a quarter of the UK Aerospace industry, 7% of Europe’s and 3% of the global industry’s. It designs and makes aeroengines as well as mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, and electronic systems for aircrafts.

Since April 1st, our Group has benefited from the MAA’s wide knowledge. Thanks to their experts' in-depth knowledge, strategies such as seminars, workshops and networking are organized to enable member companies to connect with customers.

MAA also offers a range of various support services focused on the requirements of the Aerospace industry. This includes Marketing (help for professional exhibition and meet-the-buyer/supplier events) and technology funding and support (the MAA team devised the innovative Aerospace Technology Exploitation Program and its successor, NATEP).

This new membership is a recognition of our strong Tier 1 position in the Aerospace industry. For over 50 years, our special copper alloys have been an international reference for the industry. In fact, we hold the largest number of approvals for copper alloys in the sector.

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