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Declafor® 1015 spinodal alloy


Declafor® 1015 (CuNi7,5Sn5Te; UNS C72670) is a Copper-Nickel-Tin alloy, whose machinability is enhanced by Tellurium addition. 
Designed and fully produced by Lebronze alloys (ex. CLAL), its manufacturing process includes casting, hot rolling, solution annealing, work hardening and spinodal hardening to achieve very high mechanical and physical properties.
It is available in wires, rods as well as strips and sheets.

Mechanical and processing advantages

The very high elasticity, stress relaxation resistance and formability of Declafor® 1015 make it an excellent material for high performance electronics applications (specialty connectors, test probes, electrical spring contacts) and high-end components (watch micro-components, eyewear parts)
Declafor® 1015 machinability and polishing ability are comparable or superior to CuBe2Pb, thanks to Tellerium addition. Lebronze Alloys can recommend precise machining parameters and tool selection guidelines to obtain high machining productivity and optimal component surface quality. 

High physical properties

Declafor® is non magnetic and exhibits fair conductivity, high corrosion resistance and good electromagnetic shielding effectiveness.
As a spinodal Copper-Nickel-Tin alloy, Declafor® 1015 exhibits a very peculiar microstructure. After heat treatment, the microstructure of this material becomes an alternance of tin-rich and nickel-rich areas at a nanometric scale, which gives Declafor® 1015 outstanding mechanical properties. 

A recyclable and environment-friendly solution

Declafor® 1015 alloy is beryllium-free, lead-free and cadmium-free, and compliant with latest REACH and RoHs regulations. In some electronic applications, Declafor® 1015 is a great eco-friendly alternative to Beryllium Copper and leaded Beryllium Copper alloys.

Available forms
Declafor® 1015 CuNi7.5Sn5Te