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Hardibron® performance alloys for oil & gas


Hardibron® is a wrought copper nickel aluminum alloy CuNi14Al3Fe1 designed for high strength applications in seawater environment. It is non-magnetic and resists mechanical wear, galling, marine corrosion.

It is easily machined into complex components whilst being environmentally friendly being both lead and beryllium free.

Hardibron® is used within the oil & gas industry thanks to its outstanding physical and mechanical properties in many varied components.

Lebronze alloys has developed a full range of Copper Nickel Aluminum matching the Oil & Gas industry stringent requirements

Hardibron® Key Applications in Oil & Gas

Marine Topsides Floating Production Systems: Marine shafts, bearing bushes, offshore bolting, valves, pumps

Hardibron® is also used in onshore oil pumps as sucker rod and valve rod guide bushing couplings. In such applications where stainless steel is generally used, Hardibron® demonstrates an outstanding resistance to metal-to-metal wear. Thus providing a reduction of failures and hence maintenance downtimes.

For these applications, Lebronze alloys can offer ready-to-use products thanks to its integrated supply chain.

Subsea Seabed Wellhead: Hydraulic and Electrical connections ROV and AUV to Wellhead fap connectors, ROV tools, valves... Hardibron® is ideal for this kind of components.

For such applications, Hardibron® demonstrates outstanding wear, corrosion, temperature and pressure resistance. Thus providing a longer service life and a better total cost of ownership (TCO) compared to Alloy K500 or Precipitation Stainless Steels .

Hardibron® can be used in both offshore and subsea systems.

Available forms
Hardibron® CuNi14Al3Fe1

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