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NS30 | CuNi7Si2Cr1


  • ISO composition : CuNi7Si2Cr1


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NS30 is a wrought copper nickel silicon alloy CuNi7Si2Cr1 designed for applications requiring a combination of high thermal dissipation, high strength, resistance to shocks and that is also corrosion resistant.

It is easily machined into complex components whilst being environmentally friendly, being both lead and beryllium free. It is a direct replacement to CuBe2 C17200 that exhibits a superior combination of properties.

NS30 is used within the automotive industry thanks to its outstanding physical and mechanical properties. Lebronze alloys has developed a full range of Copper Chromium, Copper Nickel Aluminum Bronzes, Spinodal Copper Nickel Tin grades all exceeding industry standards for use in many varied applications.

NS30 Applications in Automotive

Fuel and CO2 efficient Touring Cars, Valve Seats, Valve Guides, Liners, Bearings and Bushings. Valvetrain Components for Racing Cars.

Thanks to its superior thermal conductivity to beryllium copper and its elevated mechanical strength NS30 provides designers both a higher efficiency and higher reliability, allowing to change radically the internal combustion engine design increasing the break effective mean pressure.

Internal combustion engines operating at higher pressures enables a reduction engine of size and weight with a better fuel efficiency and contributes to lower CO2 emission levels.

The NS30 alloy enables higher engine performance reducing crevice volume, head distortion and is lowering the exhaust bridge temperature, piston mass and overall temperature. NS30 also mitigates the “knocking” effect and optimizes the spark advance.

For valvetrain applications, NS30 demonstrates outstanding wear, corrosion, temperature and pressure resistance. 

NS30 thus provides a longer service life and a better total cost of ownership (TCO) compared to beryllium copper conventional other copper-based alloys.

Available forms
NS30 Automotive CuNi7Si2Cr1
NS30 Tooling & Molding CuNi7Si2Cr1