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Special Profiles

Special profiles & plates

A large range of special profiles for machining, cold heading and cold forming

We operate pre-profile extrusion, which is drawn and/or rolled to achieve the target profile. For superconductors, we use the rolling process.

Industrial, cost and environmental performance

Optimize your TCO! It is more efficient and rapid to machine near-to-shape semi-finished products, and they use less material: their profile is nearer to the desired final shapes; there are fewer scraps, making it more ecological and economical. This holds true for leaded brass as well as for harder-to-machine alloys in the LBA portolio.

Contact our experts to co-design your components, or to compare the various manufacturing routes we can offer to optimise your performance in many ways!

Pre-profile extrusion


Wire Special Profiles

  • From 10 to 80mm² (Profile surface)

Bar Special Profiles

  • From 10 to 60mm² (Profile surface)

Hexagonal and Square Bars

  • From 12,7 -15 mm


Alloy Name
Available forms
European Norms
Powerode® Material CuCrZr C18150 datasheet
Powerode+® Material CuCrZr C18148 datasheet
NS6 CuNi2SiCr C18000 - C64700 - CW111C datasheet
Nib1 CuNiSi -
NS5 <20mm CuNi3Si1 / CuNi2Si C18000 - C64700 -
BP5 CuSn5Pb1 C53400 CW458K -
BZ2 CuSn2 -
BZ4 CuSn4Pb4Zn4 C54400 AMS 4520 CW456K datasheet
BZ6 CuSn6HP -
BZ8 CuSn8 -
C97 CuNi1Pb1 C19160 -
C98 & C98T CuNi1Pb1 C19150 - C19140 -
C99 CuPb1P C18700 CW113C datasheet
CRM16 CuCr1Zr C18150 - EN 12163 - EN 12165 - EN 12420 - EN 12167 - CW106C - CW105C datasheet
CFE2 CuFe2P -
CU/A1 Cu-ETP C11000 ASTM B 152 EN 12420 - CW004A -
CU/C1 Cu-OF C10200 ASTM B 152 EN 12420 CuDHP - CW008A -
CuB1 Cu-DHP C12200 EN 12420 - CW024A -
CU-P2 Cu-PHC -
CuSC SupraConductor Cu-ETP/SV -
EnviB 1 CuZn40 C28000 CW509L datasheet
EnviB 10