• History


Rene LOISEAU founds Le Bronze Industriel, the first company in France to develop wrought copper structural hardening alloys.


Until 1939, the production was dedicated to the French National Navy, Aviation and Armaments.. After 1945, Le Bronze Industriel develops drastically its production especially in the Automotive industry.


A new production site is created in Suippes (close to Reims), where more elaborated products such as drawn pipes for Marine and Offshore applications and machined parts are manufactured.


Bobigny and Suippes facilities are combined on Suippes site. An investment program is launched to modernize our industrial equipment.


A fully brand new factory of 20 000 m2 is inaugurated. The same year, another major investment was carried out in a new extrusion press of 5,400 tons in order to face an increasing demand on international markets.


The Dumont’s family members, some private investors as well as few key managers takes the company over. This is the beginning of a new growth and strategic period for the company.

2011 - 2017

External growth forms part of the strategy of Le Bronze Industriel which is to expand its range of products and services and to position itself as a group becoming a major player in design,
transformation and production of components made of copper, copper alloys , nickel alloys, aluminium, special steel, stainless steel and other metals (superalloys, titanium).

Acquisition of 13 additional industrial sites in 2011/17:

  • Bronze Inox Taverny (France) merged with Inoforges and specialises in manual,mechanized and automated die precision chill casting,
  • Inoforges Breteuil (France), Inoforges Polska and Inoforges Forging & Machining (Suzhou, China), specialist in the forging and machining of non-ferrous alloys (brass, copper, aluminium),
  • Swissmetal Lüdenscheid (Germany) - now Lebronze alloys Germany - producer of wires, bars and profiles in special brass alloys,
  • Alsafil Sélestat (France) acquired from Nexans Group and merged with Le Bronze Industriel, specialises in casting, rolling, drawing and plating of copper alloys,
  • Hundt & Weber Siegen (Germany), immediately merged with Lebronze alloys Germany, specializes in the production of large dimensional alloyed components made from centrifugal or sand casting,
  • Forges de Custines & Trie-Château (France), with an historic site in Trie-Château and a more recent one in Dangu, specializes in forging, stamping and machining of steel, stainless steel and copper alloys,
  • Manoir Industrie Custines (France) – now Forges de Custines & Trie-Château, specialises in open-die forging, closed die forging, ring rolling, machining and high performance heat treatments in copper alloys, special steels, stainless steels, aluminium, titanium and super alloys.
  • CLAL Bornel (France) and its subsidiaries CLAL Far East, CLAL-Msx Italia, CLAL Deutschland, CLAL Inc., Non Ferrous Sockholders, experts in the elaboration and transformation of special alloys based on copper and nickel, continuous and semi-continuous casting, drawing, hot and cold rolling.
  • Bolton Metals Ipswich (UK) renowed for the production of copper based alloys for demanding industries like aerospace and oil & gas.

On December 1rst, 2016 all French companies are merged and renamed at the same time into Lebronze alloys.


Our partnerships :

In order to better serve markets with particular needs and develop more innovative and competitive offers, Lba has set up partnerships through joint-ventures:

  • Lebronze Tuffaloy North America (LTNA), joint-venture in the USA (Greer, South Carolina) with the company Tuffaloy, in order to produce and sell into North America some welding and other technical products, providing the high level services allowed by a strong local presence,
  • SWLI, joint-venture in China (Xi’an) with SNCF and the Chinese companies Wanlida and ISI, in order to serve the catenaries infrastructure market for high-speed railway lines.