• Lebronze alloys - Taverny

Toolmaking, casting, precision die casting of aluminum and copper alloys.

Taverny site (Ex-Bronze Inox) situated near Paris is a specialist of Aluminium Bronze gravity permanent mould casting.


Lebronze alloys makes a technological breakthrough in copper alloy precision castings with a brand new automated chill casting robot.

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Specialty of the site:

Die precision chill casting of copper alloys








History of the site:


Bronze Inox is created in Puteaux and produces precision die casting for the Automotive and Rail Transport sectors.


In order to use the latest techniques, Bronze Inox installs electro-erosion in the toolmaking shop.


After the company moved the foundry to Taverny, induction electrical fusion is adopted, machining shop is set up and automatic die casting machines are installed.



A first machining center is set up, the Design department is equipped in order to provide a parts design service to the customers.


The company joins Le Bronze Industriel and then Lebronze alloys group.


On December 1st, Bronze Inox and Inoforges, both subsidiaries of our group Lebronze alloys, will merge.

Bronze Inox will become a trademark of the Inoforges company.


In July, Inoforges merges with Le Bronze Industriel.

On December 1rst, all French companies of the Group merge and are renamed into Lebronze alloys.