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High Strength Spinodal Copper Nickel Tin Alloys

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Hardiall® is a wrought spinodally hardened copper alloy CuNi15Sn8 (C72900) designed for high strength applications where toughness is required. It is non-magnetic and resists mechanical wear, galling, stress relaxation, corrosion and erosion. It is also non-sparking.

Hardiall® can be easily machined into complex components whilst being environmentally friendly being both lead and beryllium free, Lebronze alloys can offer it in customized sizes and shapes.

Hardiall® is used within the automotive industry for high performance and reliability automotive & motorsport components thanks to its outstanding physical and mechanical properties.

  • Key applications include Racing Cars, Powertrains (valve guides, thrust washers, bearings, piston pins and rings,…), Braking and Steering Systems (Brake caliper bushings, Steering bushings)
  • Compared to conventional materials, Hardiall® enhances design optimization, with reduced mechanical clearances.
  • Hardiall® also enables better fuel efficiency and lower CO2 emissions

Composition, standards, norms: CuNi15Sn8 ; UNS C72900 ; ASTM B 505 ; AMS 4596, 4597, 4598 ; UT controls AMS 2154 class B

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