We’re proud to announce our new partnership with Chowel Weldparts Inc. in the USA for the distribution of welding caps to South Korean automotive manufacturers and tier 1.

Chowel headquarters is based in South Korea and contributes to the factory automation (F.A system) such as Steel, Automobile, and Plant Industries. They specialize in resistance welding gun, CO2 Welder, resistance welder, special machine, transformer, portable TR/TC, nut feeder and various welding parts. 
Baekgyu Choi established Electric Industries Inc. in 1976 and named it CHOWEL in 1980. He set a firm determination “Develop high quality welding machine contributing the value creation to the customer.” It makes Chowel achieve high welding technology and become a top welding company in South Korea. US Branch Chowel Weldparts Inc. opened in 2009 and have supplied Welding Machines and consumables to manufacturers such as Hyundai, Kia, and many tier 1 vendors. Chowel USA is not only handling welding machine but also dealing with Automation Products and Home Improvement Tools.

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