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Steriall® antimicrobial architecture components


  • ISO composition : Cu

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Thanks to in vitro and in vivo studies conducted by Lebronze alloys and its scientific partners, Steriall® is the copper alloy solution with the most effective and long-lasting antimicrobial power in real conditions.

The Steriall® antimicrobial alloy is part of the Steriall solution developed by Lebronze alloys. It is a wrought single-phase copper alloy, which mechanical characteristics and strength well above common copper, and with superior swaging characteristics. It is non-magnetic and resists mechanical wear and galling. It can be forged, swaged and machined easily into complex components whilst being environmentally friendly, being both lead and beryllium free.

A unique solution to fight infection risks with a pending patent


Among the "antimicrobial copper" offers available on the market, Steriall® is the one that has been the subject of the most peer-reviewed scientific publications. It is the only solution whose results have been optimized and scientifically proven in real-life situations, for example: a 60% reduction in bacterial contamination of surfaces (time-average over several months), and a 4-fold reduction in the number of people infected during certain viral outbreaks.

The development of Steriall® is based on 10+ years of research in laboratory and real conditions resulting in a pending patent. Steriall® outperforms the NFS 90-700 norm on antimicrobial power.

Key antimicrobial applications

Steriall® material exhibits mechanical performances well above that of pure copper, allowing to design light and reliable components. For example, it can be a substitute to widely used stainless steel grades in equipment for public buildings and public transportation contexts.

Touch Surface Components in Healthcare Facilities:

  • Door handles
  • Door push plates, kick plates
  • Railing, bedrails, footboards
  • Equipment carts
  • Counter tops and table-tops
  • Visitor chairs: armrests, metal frames
  • Instrument handles

Community Facilities (including various public and commercial buildings):

  • Shopping cart handles, child seats, handrails
  • Cash registers: housing, keypads
  • ATM machines: keys, housing
  • Locking handles
  • Elevator handrails and buttons
  • Light switches,switch plates
  • Office supplies

Transportation and Mass Transit Facilities:

  • Chairs, benches: rails, backs, legs,seats
  • Grab bars and handles
  • Vending machines
  • Stair rails, tubular railing, and supports; elbows and brackets
  • Door push plates, kick plates
  • Door handles, door-knobs (outer touch surfaces)

Residential Buildings:

  • Handrails
  • Door push plate
  • Telephone handsets and surfaces (housings), keypad
  • Exercise equipment, handles, bars
  • Computer keyboards
Available forms
Steriall® E Copper alloy
Steriall® F Copper alloy

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