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Steriall® antimicrobial alloy


  • ISO composition : Cu

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Steriall® copper alloy offers permanent protection by eliminating viruses and bacteria. It fights contamination on frequently touched objects, reducing the risks of transmission.
The Steriall® solution includes three key components:

  • An optimised copper alloy
  • A unique finish and singular expertise
  • A regeneration product to maintain antimicrobial power over time

Steriall® gets its power from an exceptional metal: copper
The advantages of copper and its antimicrobial effects have been known for centuries.

  • During the cholera epidemics of the nineteenth century, copper workers did not develop this disease.
  • Copper is used in multiple applications (treating mildew on vineyards, algae in pools, etc.).

Numerous studies have confirmed the antimicrobial properties of copper: under certain conditions, it can damage the microbial membrane and disrupt its DNA, leading to its destruction.
Steriall copper alloy is optimised compared to standard copper, making it more effective and resistant in real-world conditions.

Four times fewer people contaminated

Installing Steriall® handles and ramps in buildings protects residents. During viral epidemics, studies have shown that the number of people infected is four times lower in locations with Steriall® surfaces than in those without.

Eliminates microbes in just a few minutes

Microbes can survive for several days or even months on steel or plastic, but are eliminated in just a few minutes on Steriall® surfaces. This process occurs continuously, 24 hours a day.

An innovation developed after 10 years of research

The Steriall® solution was developed based on research conducted in laboratories and in real-world conditions. This innovation was the subject of numerous scientific publications, as well as a patent filing.

Proven effectiveness

Several scientific studies prove that the antimicrobial power of Steriall® is rapidly effective and lasts for several years:

Antimicrobial effects confirmed in laboratories

  • Effective within the first few minutes
  • Eliminates more than 99.9% of microbes in 1 hour
  • Effective against viruses and bacteria, including antibiotic-resistant bacteria
  • Compliant with the 99% of the NF S90-700 standard

Patient benefits proven under real-world conditions

  • Measurements over several months show a 60% reduction in the number of bacteria on Steriall® door handles
  • During hand-transmitted viral epidemics, the number of people infected is four times lower in buildings with Steriall® surfaces
  • Steriall® is the only copper solution that has proven real-world results.

Of all the “antimicrobial copper” solutions available on the market, Steriall® has been subject to the most peer-reviewed scientific studies.

Guaranteed lifelong protection

A unique regeneration process
The Steriall® regeneration process resolves the problem of surface ageing. It is quick to carry out and should be repeated every six months

Guaranteed long-term results
A regenerated Steriall® surface is as effective as a new one. As such, Steriall® antimicrobial protection is guaranteed for life.

Available forms
Steriall® E Copper alloy
Steriall® F Copper alloy

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