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New 40,000 kgm drop-hammer in Custines
Lebronze alloys increases its closed-die forging & heayy stamping offer 


This production line can forge large parts weighing up to 900kg, in special steels, stainless steels, aluminum, copper-based and nickel-based alloys, as well as titanium.

Within the Custines factory, the new hammer benefits from a fully integrated process combined with a large set of high-performance facilities.

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A unique set of capacities in Europe: 

  • A preparation press of 2,500 t with large dimensions (hot extrusion of preforms),
  • Several kinds of furnaces to heat steels, aluminum, copper and nickel alloys and titanium at aerospace quality levels,
  • Tooling design and manufacturing onsite,
  • Internal capacities of machining, thermal treatments and finishing,
  • Non Destructive Testing: ultrasonic testing ; penetrant testing ; 3D dimensional control ; magnetoscopy ; electrical conductivity testing

Examples of products per markets:

  • Energy and electricity: forged parts for wind turbines, pumps and valves for nuclear energy, etc.
  • Offshore and onshore oil & gas: large valve bodies, large pumps, flanges, etc.
  • Construction equipment, cranes, mining, trucks and off-highway: transmission and large pivot shafts, crane parts, spindles, etc
  • Railway: brake discs, hubs, structural parts, etc
  • Defense, naval and marine.

The new 40,000 kgm (400 kJ) double acting drop-hammer will complement to the existing forging capabilities in Custines: another hammer of 16,000 kgm, open-die forging, screw press of 2,500 t, Maxi-Press of 2,500 t. The Custines factory is ISO 9001 and EN 9100 certified.